Create E-labels and QR codes for your wines that are fully compliant with EU regulations

At World Wine List you can create any number of E-labels and QR codes for free and prepare your business for export sales. Place QR codes on your bottles now and only pay when you make export sales
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About E-labels

Your E-labels are in good hands

We've developed WWL E-labels in strict compliance with EU law
1. No sales or marketing data. Regulation (EU) 2021/2117 only permits information on energy values and ingredients. 2. No consumer tracking. Only browser language verification is allowed - to show the E-label in the user's language.
Our dynamic E-label technology means they are available in 24 languages - incredibly useful for export sales!
Once you've created your E-label in the language of your choice, it will be automatically translated into 23 more languages for you to use
You can create as many WWL E-labels as you wish free of charge
Other E-label service sites will ask you to pay up front to create your E-labels, linked pages and QR codes for your wines. WWL is different: you'll only pay when you have a need to publish your E-labels, usually because you have buyer interest. This means your WWL E-label subscription is being used to help sell your products!
Drop-down lists make creating your E-label quick and easy. No need to fill in data! No typos! No stress!
Fill in the data by selecting all the required values from our list as populated from official sources i.e., ingredient databases from the International Code of Oenological Practices and EU certification organisations
Once you've created your E-labels and QR codes, you can immediately promote your wines on a captive audience: WWL's marketplace
Find B2B buyers on WWL. If you’ve created your E‑labels you can post offers, as your wine data is already on the system
You can edit your E-label at any time - the link always stays the same
Change the content of the E‑label at any time: the link to the E‑label and the QR code will remain the same. The changes work in every language and are visible to anyone who scans the QR codes
How it works

Creating E‑labels in WWL is easy

Register and add your wine
Register an account at and become a company representative. Find your wine in the WWL database and confirm it, or create a new wine in the system
See our instructional videos here.
Create your E‑label
Create an E-label for this wine. Each E-label has a unique web page on WWL. Once the E-label is created, you will see the URL of the page as well as a QR code that links to it.
The creation of an E-label and a QR code for 10 wines will take you approximately 40 minutes.
Print QR code
Print the QR code directly from WWL or save it in a convenient format for printing later. Place the QR code on the bottle of your wine.
Your QR codes are fully functional as soon as they are created and are free of charge. However, until the E-label is published, the link from the QR code leads only to your wine page in WWL (example) and not to the E-label page.
Fill in your E‑label
Fill your E-label with parameters selected from the drop-down lists. You can do this either before or after printing the QR codes, while gradually saving your changes. The link to the E-label and the QR code will remain the same.
Publish your E‑label
Publish the E-label so that the QR code then leads to the E-label page. We recommend doing this as soon as you have a buyer interested in your wine. At WWL, you only pay for the QR codes you publish
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If you select any tariff now, we'll add the information about your wines on our system for free. It will save you time and allow you to concentrate on sales.

About WWL

About World Wine List

Welcome to World Wine List, the platform for wine professionals! We bring together wine producers, traders and expert tasters from all over the world, creating a community where industry knowledge and expertise is shared freely and openly.

We are experts in managing high load information systems: data on 250,000 products and producers is already stored on our platform. Each product has a unique reference and all changes are carefully monitored. The same expertise is transferred to our WWL E-labels service.
At WWL, we take the security of our users' data seriously. Add a QR code to a bottle of your wine on the WWL system and from the moment the code has been created we apply the highest standards to keep it safe.
At World Wine List we focus on linking up wine producers with professional buyers. Start creating your E-labels on WWL, along with offers on your products, and access our online marketplace today.
We are trusted by more than 1500 companies from all over the world, and the number is increasing daily. The most popular users of the platform are from France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Germany, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina. WWL E-labels was created at the request of our European users.

Trusted by wineries and traders

The access to the platform was very easy for me (which is great for your site) and it surprised me a bit.
I will update our wines so that I can interact with potential buyers.
Thank you for your responsiveness.
Hugo Lang
Commercial BtoB at Château de Léognan
WWL has a comprehensive list of suppliers to engage with directly.
I found a number of alternative producers from appellations I know well, and will look more closely at what they have to offer next time I add to our range.
Howard Laughton
Director at DDWine Ltd
Before converting our technical (wine) sheets to the WWL format, they were neither consistent in design nor with the information given. Now these docs are professional marketing materials (with QR codes) we're happy to share with potential customers!
Eléna Martinova
Managing Director at Château Capion

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30 e-labels
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120 e-labels
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Included in your plan

Choose a package based on how many e‑labels you need. All plans include:
E-label formats that are fully compliant with EU regulations
Automatic translation of E-labels into 24 European languages
Information on certificates and on ingredients from official sources
Technical support in 5 languages
Try for free
Free unlimited E-label creation
Create any quantity of E-labels for free. Each E-label has a unique QR code which remains unchanged. The newly created E-label has a 'Draft' status.
Wine page in WWL
The QR code on an E-label in 'Draft' status leads to your WWL Wine Page (example). There's more data allowed here than on an E-label itself, which must strictly adhere to EU law (EU) 2021/2117. Until you publish your E-label, you pay nothing.
Public E-label page
Publish an E-label to link a QR code to its own E-label page, which strictly complies with EU regulations (example). You'll need to select a payment tariff to publish your E-labels. Use this service as soon as you have a buyer for your wine.
Manage your publication status
The number of published E-labels depends on the tariff you have chosen. At any time, move unnecessary E-labels to 'Draft' status to free up your tariff quota for publishing others.
Get ahead

Choose your E-labels service provider

We've researched the key competitors offering an E-labels service and have provided you with a price comparison here. The names of the companies have been changed. Our aim in showing you this comparative data is to save you time looking, but we appreciate you may want to check for yourself anyway. The data given here is current as of June 2023 and will be regularly updated.

wwl logo
3 e-labels
30 e-labels
60 e-labels
120 e-labels
A company
from Switzerland
3 e-labels
30 e-labels
50 e-labels
100 e-labels
A company
from Germany
3 e-labels
20 e-labels
50 e-labels
100 e-labels
A company
from France
3 e-labels
20 e-labels
50 e-labels
100 e-labels
A 10% better deal
Our WWL E-label tariffs are based on providing users with the best service - in terms of both quality and price. However, there are always newer deals being posted on the market; so, if you find an offer from a competitor (including any with promo codes), send us the link and we guarantee you a better price! In fact, at WWL, we aim to make our E-label service prices at least 10% lower than those of our competitors.
1-year trial
One year's full access to our E-labels service FREE
Want to try WWL's comprehensive E-labels service for free, and for a whole year? Simply log in, create an E-label and go to publish it. Then select the '3 E-labels' tariff and we'll give you 1 year's access to the full fuctionality of this service without you paying anything. For some wineries with a small range, this means you'll be able to create enough E-labels for all your needs in 2024. Then, after 1 year, you can either stay on this tariff for a nominal fee, switch to one of the other tariffs or choose the option of free publication (restricted usage).

Answers to the most common questions on E-labels

QR codes
WWL E-labels technology creates web pages and QR codes with wine information. The web page contains information about the wine's properties: energy values, composition, allergens and who the producer is. The QR code is linked to the web page. When you point your phone camera at the QR code on the wine packaging, the web page uploads.
Our technology helps wine companies meet the technical requirements for exchanging product information, in particular for wines destined for sale in the EU.
With this tool, companies can save space on a physical label for product marketing information, including the history of the winery and the wine.
To access the electronic label of a particular product, scan the WWL E-label QR code located on the wine packaging with your phone camera. You can do this anywhere provided you have internet.
The WWL E-labels solution is primarily aimed at wine producers. Producers must adhere to EU standards and requirements for labelling their products. The new law applies to any wine sold within the EU, regardless of the producer's location.
The information on WWL's E-labels is available in every European language. We've already automatically translated the E-label you want to scan into 24 languages!
The new legislation is expected to take effect from 8 December 2023 on products that are produced and labelled before that date. It is advisable to leave a margin of 2 to 3 months for the printing of labels and the creation of codes.
No, you're not tracked, just your geographical location is determined so we can direct you to the appropriate language version of the E-label.
We're in the process of developing this and it will be available very soon. This will turn all your WWL QR codes into GS1 digital link readable codes.
It is acceptable (and often applied) to use standard values based on alcohol strength. Write to us when you fill in your E-lable information and we will be happy to help you with this question.
We have a duplication functionality that you can use to create a large number of E-labels based on a template. Moreover, our experts are ready to help you upload a large number of SKUs.
We offer tariffs suitable for all categories of companies, including small family-owned wineries and large retailers. In addition, we provide some tariff plans on a free of charge basis for 1 year. To see our rates and available offers, go to our Pricing section.
No. Access WWL E-labels free of charge. No need to subscribe to the WWL platform/create an account. With wines sold in the EU, it's illegal in fact to charge consumers for access to any product information required by EU law.
There are several solutions on the market and we have studied them all.
The main differences are:
1. We have an online marketplace where you can start doing business immediately. World Wine List is not only about electronic labels; we obstensibly help winemakers find new trade connections and open up new markets. Fill in data about your wines and find new buyers for them today...
2. The principle of payment per E-label publication. Create an infinite number of QR codes for your E-labels but only pay to publish these when you're about to 'shake hands' on a business deal, rather than for bottles in stock and not yet sold.
3. Pricing policy. We always aim to give great service at a great price, which is why our rates for the WWL E-labels service are 10% lower than our competitors'. However, should you find a rate lower than ours for a comparative product, send us the link and we'll make you a better offer!
The WWL E-labels service is part of the WWL ecosystem created specifically for wine industry professionals. Our experience of managing databases with more than 250,000 producers and wines means we're confident of being able to offer a safe and secure platform for users of this new tool. WWL emphasises the importance of trust in business relationships and is committed to providing a trusted tool for wine label management.
You can use your camera to scan the QR code by hovering over it until a notification appears, and then tapping on it. If this doesn't work, download a QR code reader app on your phone.
Yes, of course you can. However, to comply with EU law:
1) your E-label pages must be translated into the languages of all the countries you're looking to sell products into;
2) you must remove any user tracking (cookies, Google Analytics, etc.);
3) you must remove any marketing information.
You should also ensure:
4) your website/hosting is fit for purpose;
5) all paths are correctly linked.
As you might imagine, doing the above is a time-consuming process, which is why many winemakers turn to specialist services like WWL for help.
The answer depends on whether the solution you are using is strictly legal. If you are confident that it is and there are no problems - there is no obstacle to continue using your existing solution.
Our dynamic E-label technology allows you to modify and add content at any time. Moreover, we strongly recommend you put your newly created QR codes on your wine packaging immediately. As long as your E-labels are in Draft status, WWL won't charge you for them; you pay only when you want to publish your E-label (e.g., because you have interest from buyers).
Under new law, wine producers are required to provide a QR code with the relevant product, but don't need to specify where the code should go on the product. However, the QR code must remain legible at all times and not, for example, damaged when removing a cork.
In order for the QR code to be readable on all smartphones, it should be at least 1cm x 1cm. We always recommended testing your QR code before printing.
The QR codes you create have no expiry date and no limit on the number of scans. You are free to modify them, delete them and publish them again, subject to the limit set for your WWL E-labels subscription.

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