World Wine List, the B2B marketplace that does 60% of the purchasing work of professional wine buyers — and it’s free!

Find the wines you need from 35 countries in two minutes.
Offers are shown in a visual format that makes comparing easy.
Delegate your routine work to AI — it doesn’t get tired and doesn’t make mistakes!
Choose wines by price, quality and wholesale discount.

World Wine List in facts

1403 winemakers and counting have already registered on the WWL platform
WWL instantly connects with 1000+ winemakers to find you what you’re after
With at least 10 automated processes replacing manual purchasing work, the WWL platform delivers results at speed
Save nearly 30% on your purchases by checking the wines you normally buy with those we’ll compare them to in terms of style, quality and price

What WWL can do for you

As a multifunctional CRM system for wine buyers to do business with winemakers online, WWL is neither a traditional agent nor an intermediary. It is simply a powerful tool that makes your work day easier and delivers results fast. How?

It does the routine work
The platform searches for all relevant offers, sends requests to winemakers, summarizes the data in one table and sorts it according to certain criteria. All you need to do is choose the most appropriate offer from those that WWL has selected for you
It checks every producer is who they say they are
About to do a deal on the WWL platform? WWL verifies the producer with a WWL account has been registered by an official company representative of the winery in question. There are no third parties here, no middlemen. Your communication is direct
It selects wines according to your criteria
See 800+ offers from popular appellations. If you can’t find the wine you’re looking for on our platform just send us your request. We’ll do the searching for you and then notify you of what we’ve found
It shows results in a clear visual format
All the offers on WWL are presented in a table with information on the cost of each wine as well as any discounts, plus scores from wine critics. Wine technical sheets are available in pdf format, too
It shows only relevant offers
It’s up to you to decide which producer you want to share your contact details with; otherwise, communication between you and our winemakers is sent anonymously so you won’t get offers you didn’t ask for in your email inbox, or unsolicited calls, etc.
It saves you time and money
At the click of a button, WWL can show you a list of offers right now. Use filters to select the most relevant ones. Buying wine has never been so simple or quick
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Automation and AI make short work of it!

«Our team has been in the wine business since 2015, working as both winemakers and buyers. We understand the challenges buyers face and have considered how to make purchasing less time consuming and labour intensive. Our platform aims to simplify the buyer’s work by automating offers from winemakers registered on WWL and, with the help of AI, selecting only those most relevant to the buyer. It’s easy and fast»
Victor Boro CBDO World Wine List
How it works

How it works: a wholesale deal in 4 steps

Register your company on the platform: it’ll take 5-7 minutes
Filter and search
Specify the criteria of the wine you’re looking for and immediately receive suitable offers in a convenient table
Explore and select
Select the best offers from the results table and contact the winemaker directly on the platform to discuss price and delivery terms
Request samples. Make a deal. Arrange delivery of your order. You’re good to go!
Start searching for wine

100% free for buyers

Communication with producers takes place solely on the WWL platform, meaning your own inbox isn’t deluged with email offers and marketing campaigns. Message winemakers directly while using all the features of the WWL platform for free


Answers to the most common questions

It's so important to us that a real winemaker is behind a winemaker's WWL account, and a real buyer is behind a WWL buyer's account. Equally, you'll want to be sure of this when you're negotiating deals on the platform; so, to guarantee the integrity of the agreements made on WWL, our registration process is a little more detailed than some - but we hope you'll understand why.
Definitely. There are always more than 800 offers that are current on the platform, and from many diverse appellations. However, if you don't find the wine you're looking for, we'll go in search of it for you. There are 88,366 wineries on our database: we'll ask if they have the wine you're after. If they do, we'll then send you relevant offers.
No problem. By creating a request and completing info on wine characteristics, price range, country of production and even an exhibition you might be attending this year, we at WWL will search our huge database of wineries to find out more about its availability. Then we'll get back to you by posting to your account on the platform. Note that we keep your identity anonymous while searching for any wines, so don't worry. You won't get unsolicited offers in your email inbox from a multitude of producers.
Because you could find wines already in your portfolio with offers advertised on WWL that are hard to refuse - or even wines similar in style and quality but better on price! At least it's worth checking, and it's easy to do. Select and upload data for some of your stock, use our Analysis tab and discover what's out there.
Firstly, it's great you're working with wineries directly, and WWL is neither an agent nor an intermediary so we're not seeking to change that. WWL is simply about increasing your options to work with more wineries, and have quick and easy access to hundreds of direct offers. At the same time, until you're ready to share your contact details with any producer, WWL keeps your communication anonymous, meaning your inbox remains free of unsolicted emails.
Absolutely. WWL operates in strict accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and its own Privacy Policy. Winemakers can only receive your contact information when you have given consent.

We’ll show you how WWL works

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